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I’m a lucky mom. No really, I am! My idea of a great Saturday afternoon involves getting cozy with a warm blanket, a cup of tea, and a great novel. My kids’ idea of a great Saturday afternoon involves hanging out in their playroom creating and enacting elaborate stories for their dolls.

See? Lucky.

Of course, my poor husband, the one with perpetual wanderlust, doesn’t quite agree with us. His definition of an ideal Saturday involves actually getting out of the house and doing something “fun.”

No, he doesn’t exactly define what that fun thing should be, he just requests that it actually happen.

Lucky for him my mother shares his penchant for adventure and action so when she comes to visit we usually spend quite a bit of time in the great outdoors.

One summer, a few years back, when the entire family was visiting, sisters, nieces, nephew, brother-in-law, and my mother, a potentially humdrum visit to the Santa Cruz pier turned into more of an adventure than we’d anticipated.

There we were, walking along, looking at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in the distance, wondering how far we’d have to walk before seeing the infamous sea lions who like to lounge under the pier, when someone, I don’t quite remember who, pointed to the kayak rental booth.

In a surprisingly short amount of time considering there were no fewer than eleven of us out and about, we were negotiating how many boats we’d need for all of us, popping into the convenience store across the street for snacks and sweatshirts, and hopping aboard.

In our minds we’d be on the water for an hour or so, the kids would see a sea lion up close and have a bit of fun, and we’d have a fun activity checked off our summer bucket list.

In reality, we were out in the Bay for over three hours, we saw many sea lions, some sea otters, a couple dolphin, a countless sea stars. The guide who was shepherding us around was so interesting that we just didn’t want to go back to the dock.

To this day, C’s favorite part of the adventure was getting to sit between my mother’s legs getting fed contraband cookies. My favorite part was the gleam in everyone’s eyes as we sat around a restaurant table, hours after everyone’s regular dinner time, and talked about all the treasures we’d discovered from our unusual vantage point.

So many times I’ve rejected opportunities that have popped up for the simple reason that they seem more extravagant than necessary or because it looks like they’ll take us too far out of our usual routine, but sometimes there’s something to be said for getting off the couch and seeing what the world has to offer.

At worst you get out and do something different. At best you go out and create amazing memories.

After our adventure we had to go out and buy kayaks of our own.
Don’t worry. We figured out that you need to put them in the water.

Every day is an adventure and with Quaker® Perfect Portions I know I am providing my family with the fuel they need for their epic adventures. (So much better than relying contraband cookies!)
Share how you make everyday an adventure and see other stories on Everyday Health.
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Quaker®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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