Heavy purses and happy children

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Back when I was pregnant, all those years ago, I had a box in my car. It was a plastic cube box originally designed to hold CDs. I used it to hold snacks.

Oodles and oodles of snacks.

I never knew what I was going to crave, I never knew when I was going to get hungry. Best bet was to have a nice assortment on hand so that when a hunger pang struck mid-commute home I could dive into the snack box and take care of it.

Fast forward 8 years and you’d think I would still have a snack box in the car. But I don’t. Instead I have a purse that’s always packed to the gills with multiple granola bars and fruit snacks.

You see, instead of one hungry pregnant belly, I now always seem to have with me a hungry child or two. And we’re not always in the car.

Every time we’re about to leave the house to go anywhere – the store, the park, school events, the zoo, the beach, or even just outside to play – I make a quick stop by the pantry and grab some staples.

Granola bars, fruit snacks, apples.

My purse is always heavy, but no one ever has to go hungry.

And you’d think I only pack for the kids, but, secretly, when I’m grabbing snacks for the littles I always make sure to grab something that will appeal to the husband. Little L might get insanely whiney and cranky when she’s hungry, but he just gets tired and withdrawn. Neither of which paves the way to a fun afternoon.

I’m a busy mom. As they say, the days are long even though the years are short. Between errands, playtime, excursions, and everything that crops up here and there
there’s plenty of time to get hungry and nothing, absolutely nothing makes a day feel longer than it is than a trio of hungry, cranky companions.

A heavy purse is a small price to pay for the peace that comes from happy bellies.

I never know what my days will have in store for my family, so keeping Quaker® Big Chewy Granola Bars on hand help make sure we have the fuel necessary to get the day. Now the Quaker® Big Chewy Granola Bars have chocolate drizzled on top and are 60% bigger – perfect for even the bigger members of my hungry family!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Quaker®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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