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Well hello there! Guess what I’ve been doing all day. Vlogging that’s what. That’s right, me, two cameras, a website, and countless hours spent trying to convert movie files from one format to the next so I could find something that would work in iMovie on my iPad.

Good news. I figured it out. Lucky you! Now you get to watch my very first ever Vlog. You get a peek into my office! Oh and yes, you get to hear a bit more about VirtualPiggy.com the awesome virtual piggy bank website. (Remember when I told you about them a few weeks ago?)

Okay, be gentle now, this really was my first ever attempt at a Vlog. Had I been able to figure out the file thing faster I might have had more energy for editing! Enjoy!

Please note: this post was sponsored by VirtualPiggy.com, a client of Splash Creative Media. That I think their site cool enough to venture into the world of video blogs should speak for itself!

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