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Family Holiday Letters: A new holiday tradition

standard December 21, 2012 3 responses

I belong to a mother’s group that has brought me endless succor and the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Every other Wednesday (give or take) we drop our children off at childcare, gather around coffee and breakfast treats, gossip, chat and generally revel in two glorious hours filled with adult conversation.

I know. You’re jealous already. But that’s not all.

Our group also features 5 treasures, the “mentor” moms, women who are past the age of being moms and are enjoying being grandmas. They join us at all of our meetings to help guide us with their wisdom, experience, and, best of all, humor.

I like to joke that they’re like our mothers, but without the baggage.

At one of our last meetings, one about holiday traditions, one of these mentor moms brought in a family heirloom to share with the group. Ever since her children have been young, every year (to this day) each member of her family writes a letter to each other member of the family sharing memories about the year, things they love about that member, and things they wish for that member for the coming year.

The letters are all collected and kept in a family scrapbook and each year they go through and read past letters.

Adorable right?

Admit you want to do this too.

My kids are at the perfect age to start this tradition. C can write well on her own and Little L, with a little help could create letters for everyone too.

When we have family dinner we always make a point of sharing various things we’re grateful for. In passing someone always says “I’m grateful for my family.” This holiday tradition takes that a step further. It’s a written testimony of how love grows and evolves. Something tangible that can be pulled out when emotions run high or self esteem runs low.

Family love can usually be felt. It’ll be a treat to be able to touch it too.

Need some help getting started? Download one of these family letters! (Click on the image to open the dowloadable/printable version.)

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3 responses

  • OMG, you know when you read something you know will change you? I’m so happy I didn’t miss this post. I adore the term mom mentors and your words ‘like our mothers without the baggage.” Thank you. Off to download a letter. Merry Christmas!

  • It’s so fun reading those family letters when they get sent off.

    Stopping by via “blogger planner” and checking out all the neat blogs out there.

  • This is awesome! I love that idea! We may have to start it as a “New Years Tradition!” 🙂

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