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I love the holidays. I love the green, the red, the food, the friends, but mostly I love giving gifts. I get such a rush out of finding that thing that makes people’s eyes light up with the delight a child feels on Christmas morning when he realizes that Santa read his note and got him the exact thing he wanted.

It’s pure awesome.

For the most case I know months ahead of time what I’ll be getting for people. The kids make it easy by dropping hints every time we enter any store. My friends make it easy by being their awesome selves. But there are always a couple people, those few outliers, who already have everything and seem to want nothing.

Call me crazy, but I still want to get them gifts, I just need a little help to figure out how to wow them.

eBay, always eager to help delight people, has created a neat Facebook app that allows you to know exactly what your friends are interested in receiving. Just plug in their names and let the app do the work. It’ll read your friends’ Facebook posts and will suggest gifts that your friends might like. Then you can just shop straight from the app and get that gift that will make their day.

The app is uncannily accurrate. My friend posted about ponies yesterday morning and the app suggested that we get him some My Little Ponies. For the most part though, the app has some great suggestions. The only way it could be better is if it allowed the user to search and offer ideas and to reject some of the app’s suggestions.

I’ve been plugging in my family members, my friends, everyone I can think of and I’ve come up with some great ideas for gifts. I just can’t wait to see what they think!

As for the kids, you know, the ones not old enough to be on Facebook yet, eBay has thought of them too! Give the app your child’s name, their age, and their gender and the app will supply smart gift ideas. Your child can click and drag what catches their eye into a list that can easily be shared with friends and family for easy gifting.

To make things even more fun, the app sends you an email addressed to your child, assuring him or her that elves are hard at work fulfilling their greatest wishes.

Check out the eBay Holiday Gift Shop app, I guarantee you’ll find something you hadn’t thought of! And shall we make things more fun? Every day a lucky winner will receive something on their wishlist along with a $100 eBay gift card. So, go on, wish away! You never know what might delight you!

(Please note: eBay is a Splash Creative Media client and I have been compensated to write this post. The opinions contained within are mine and mine alone.)

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