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Before I get out of the car to head into a store, any store, I check that I have my keys (I’ve locked myself out of the car a time or three), my wallet (always handy for buying stuff), and my phone.

Why my phone?

Well, definitely not just so I can keep track of important emails that might come in at any time, that’s for sure!

Ever since I’ve gotten my smartphone (oh hallowed day that, that was…) it has become my trusty sidekick on all my shopping excursions.

At the grocery store I rely on my smartphone to deliver an edited, up-to-the-minute, shopping list. Whatever I might have forgotten to put on the list can be added as  my husband, standing in front of the pantry or the fridge, notices we’re missing something. More often than not he adds nonsense items which cause me to giggle as I meander up and down the aisles of the store, though the phone has saved us many a return trip to the store!

While I’m shopping for, well, pretty much anything, I use my smartphone to check product reviews on items I want to buy for the first time. With the help of my phone I’ve avoided buying a lamp that had the unfortunate habit of bursting into flames. While I’m at it, I check to make sure that the store I’m in offers the best price possible, of course taking into account the whole “but I want it now” factor.

Last, but definitely not least, I use my smartphone to stay connected to my people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Tweeted or Facebooked that I was heading into a store only to have friends clue me into a great sale or a neat product I might not have known to look for before they mentioned it.

Like everyone obsessed with their phones, I’m always on the lookout for apps that will make my life easier. Thanks to eBay I’ve added a few to my arsenal.

The main eBay app allows me to quickly check for second hand versions of items I’m coveting, like say, that cute jacket at Lulu Lemon. Since over 70% of items sold on eBay are new, sometimes I even find deals that beat the in-store prices!

Among other things, the RedLaser app allows me to compare prices on anything with a simple scan of a bar code, which I love

The eBay Fashion app, unfortunately not available for Androids (yet), is finally the answer to my crippling lack of fashion sense. With it you can snap a picture of a fabric pattern and instantly find coordinating or matching items. Imagine! Finally couch cushions that don’t clash!

I love it when apps bring my online world into play with my “real” world experiences. It makes everything feel complete.

Join me and the rest of the Splash Creative Media team on Twitter, Tuesday, October 2nd at 12pmPST as we spend two hours chatting about all the ways our smartphones can make our real-world shopping experiences more rich and fruitful. We can’t wait to hear how your smartphone helps you shop smarter!

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(Please note, eBay is a client of Splash Creative Media. I was compensated for this post, but my love for my phone and my thoughts on shopping with it are mine and mine alone.)

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