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9 Life Lessons from Doctor Who

standard September 7, 2012 11 responses

I do this thing when I’m in a state of flux, when my life is changing or when something big has happened in it, where I get somewhat, tiny bit, ok a lot, addicted to a tv show and spend inordinate amounts of time watching it.

It doesn’t impede my ability to function; I usually watch the show while doing other things, but for a while, the show is where I let myself get lost, forgetting all the other things that are causing me angst. Like, you know, facing the changes in my life.

The first show I lost myself in was Charmed. I know every episode backwards and forwards. I watched it a lot the year I stopped working for someone and started freelancing. The next show I watched religiously was Las Vegas. Equally engrossing and satisfying in completely different ways.

This year, well, this month, the show that has taken over my brain is Doctor Who. The “new” seasons to be precise. Two weeks ago Amazon released their Instant Video app for the iPad and, when I saw that Doctor Who was one of the shows my Prime membership allowed me to watch for free, I decided to see what all the Pinterest hubbub was about.

Didn’t take long for me to be hooked.

To be clear. I am a geek. A proud one at that. And I love the geekiness of the show. But mostly I love the characters. I can’t remember another TV show, ever, that made me feel so strongly, or cry so hard, for its people.

And now I have an Utterly Geeky Pinterest board. Though really it could just be called Utterly Whovy, because who am I kidding really?

I’m almost done watching the series and almost over my thing. I feel ready to face my world again and I have to say, it’s partly because of some things that Doctor Who has taught me.

1) The world is more than you know.
It’s so easy to get caught up in your day to day grind and to forget how many amazing things the world has to offer. Some of it is scary and ugly, but for the most part it’s beautiful and awe inspiring.

2) You never outgrow fairy tales
And they never stop helping you learn and grow, no matter what form they might take.

3) The moral high-ground is always worth taking
It’s tempting to come down to other people’s levels and play their sneaky, evil games. In the end though, it’s always more satisfying to win while staying true to your ethics.

Image by http://adweb.us/welcome/index/54083

Image by adweb.us 

4) Sometimes people leave… because that’s the way the story has to go.
People leave. It’s a fact of life. It doesn’t mean the story is over. It just means that the story is changing.

5) You always need a friend
It’s tempting to mourn the friends who are gone and close yourself off to everyone else. But you can’t, you have to keep opening yourself to future pain. The need for companionship is just that much stronger than the fear of losing a friend.

Image from pelfusion.com

Image from pelfusion.com

6) Be unapologetically proud of who you are and what you do
There’s only one you. Only you can do what you do. Be proud of yourself and give yourself praise when it’s deserved.

7) Be open to change. See the good in all things. It makes for a better life.
Greet challenges and changes as big fat adventures that need to be faced with gleeful smiles. The situation won’t change, but your attitude affects how you experience it all.

8) Some things don’t need to be said, but that’s no excuse not to say them
Your friends know you love them. Your kids know you’ll be there when you need them. Your husband knows he’s more than just that guy who shares your bed. These things don’t need to be said. And yet? Saying them is worth all the gold in the world and just because they don’t need to be said doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say them, just in case one day you realize it’s too late to say it.

9) The only constant is change
I fight it all the time. I crave normalcy. And yet, I should remember that the only constant is change. It’s always the same. Just when you get comfortable something is going to change. Change is good. It brings excitement and a renewed sense of purpose. Funny it took a TV show to remind me of that.

It’s been said that there’s a Doctor Who quote for everything. And I haven’t even finished watching the series. I’m sure I’ll be learning more lessons along the way. These, however, are the ones that are helping me out of my funk, and for that, I’m very grateful.

Allonzy! The world awaits!


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