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Starting the Back-to-school with a funny if not so sweet memory

standard August 7, 2012 1 response

C is my independent child. Little L, not so much, she’s more my little barnacle. But that’s not pertinent to this story.

No, this story, is about C’s first day of school. Her very first day as a big 2-year-old, getting ready to head off to preschool by herself for the very first time.

Look how big and ready she looked!

She knew the place well, her school was located where I worked. She knew the teacher, she knew the classrooms. And she couldn’t be more excited to be starting school.

We pulled into the parking lot right on time (a miracle that would not be repeated often that year…) and as soon as I had unbuckled her she was off, little wheely backpack bouncing behind her. I dove into the car to pull Little L’s infant car seat out, but before I was fully out, C had turned back, and, one hand on her hip, was imperiously telling me that she didn’t need me to accompany her to her classroom.

I gaped at her for a moment and then stammered out that yes, yes I did indeed need to accompany her to preschool, if only to sign her in for the morning. She actually rolled her tiny eyes at me and stalked off ahead. I sighed and followed.

Don’t worry, I got my fill of tearful goodbyes when Little L finally started school. In hindsight, the 2-going-on-12 attitude wasn’t as heartbreaking as it felt that day.

Three years later and it was Little L’s turn to start school for the first time!

Since that first day, even though we’ve had quite a few first days of school, our back-to-school routine still isn’t, well, routine. C went to two different preschools before starting Kindergarten, this year she’ll be heading to 2nd grade at yet another school. Little L is more fortunate in that she’s only ever been to the one preschool, but she also gets to start a new school this fall.

But still. New school, new routine.

Luckily a new location doesn’t mean that the basics change. Everyone still needs a new backpack. (Yes, even though I went for the more “expensive” option last year in the hopes that it would last us a few years.) Everyone needs a new, not moldy, lunchbox. And everyone definitely needs shoes and clothes that fit.

Every year I make this big show of dragging the kids to big-box stores to get their opinions on what new things they want. Then, when no one can decide on any of the sub-par options, I go home and order everything online.

Hurray for eBay!

Do you know how many cool lunchboxes you can score on eBay? Or how many backpack options they offer? And let’s not even talk about the clothing that you could find for your little scholars!

When you too are over the whole back-to-school crowds check out the back-to-school offerings on eBay. I guarantee you’ll find something you covet.

eBay is really bring the back-to-school fun! 
Check out these four social events they’ve cooked up to make the season brighter.

1) Join us on August 14th from 12pm-2pm PST for a super fun #eBaySchool Twitter Party where we will discuss lots of fun ways to stay sane during this rather hectic time of year. The Twitter party is being held at www.ebay.com/schoolparty. You must first RSVP at that location and also tweet from that URL to be eligible to win any of the 8 $25 eBay gift cards being awarded during the two hour event.

2) Pinterest Backpack Sweeps – 7/25-8/31 – Is your kid heading back to school? eBay’s Back to School Pinterest Sweepstakes will award daily winners a $100 eBay Gift Card to shop for their back to school essentials on eBay.com.

3) Pinterest Dorm Room Sweeps – 7/25-8/1 – Are you or your child heading to college? eBay is holding a Pinterest sweepstakes where one Grand Prize winner will receive a $5,000 eBay Shopping Spree toward a dorm room makeover. 

4) Facebook Instant Win Game – 8/1-8/31 – Play the eBay What’s In Your Backpack Instant Win Game for a chance to win a $50 eBay Gift Card to do some back to school shopping. Hurry, sweeps ends August 31, 2012!

Please note: eBay is a Splash Creative Media client and this is a compensated post. My endless passion for eBay is all mine and was highlighted by the lovely email they sent me last month congratulating me for celebrating my 8th anniversary of shopping with them. Eight. Years. Who knows how much I’ve managed to spend there over the last 8 years….

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  • I have a couple of those oddly independent children. I find it both unnerving and comforting all at the same time;).

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