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Time for Camp!

standard July 11, 2012 Leave a response

I am sitting at my desk, hot cup of coffee at my right, long to do list at my left, and can you hear that? No? Well, that’s because there’s nothing to hear. No “MAMA!!” No yelling. No playing or laughing. Not even the sound of the TV.


This moment of serenity today is being brought to you, well, to me really, by the lovely and amazing people at Camp Galileo.

C and Little L have been traipsing off to camp every day this week with big smiles on their faces. Smiles that are only eclipsed by the even bigger ones they sport when I pick them up at 3pm.

So far, and I realize we’re only halfway through the week so I’m touching wood as I type, camp has been a roaring success. The girls have come home full of stories about the science experiments they’ve been doing, the art projects they’re working on, and even the games they’ve been playing during outdoor time.

Chicken-opoly anyone?

They’re in separate groups due to age. Little L is a Nebula, aka a ‘Nebbie’ or as she calls it a ‘Nevvie.’ C is a Star, and no, she isn’t going to let us forget that any time soon!

Two girls at camp
The Star and the ‘Nevvie’ sporting their group colors for color day!

I’ve been impressed with the Camp Galileo organization since the day I first started working with them, but this week they’ve really blown my socks off.

The sheer number of staffers available to welcome the campers and parents in the morning is amazing. People are responsive, cheerful, excited about being there. It really makes it easy to walk away knowing that the kids are in great hands.

I’ve also really appreciated how, at pick-up, each counselor takes a moment to give me a rundown on how each child’s day went, making sure to share at least one anecdote about the day that directly pertains to my child. It might seem like a little thing, but knowing how chaotic camp pick-up can be, it’s really very welcome!

So far the only downsides have been yesterday’s tuna sandwiches, (but really, that’s my fault, I shouldn’t have assumed that all tuna sandwiches were created equal and should have known that only the ones made by our beloved daycare provider were considered acceptable), and an incident concerning a castle in the Kindergarten playground that gave Little L nightmares last night. A quick call to the camp supervisor later and she assured me that they’d work to turn the stories surrounding the castle into something heartwarming rather than scary. (Please note that neither of those issues are the camp’s issue. The hot lunch is being brought in by a 3rd party organization and the castle is a permanent fixture at the school where camp is being held.)

So there you have it. Our camp interlude in the middle of our “summer at home” (clearly a misnomer given just how many times I’ve been on a plane since June…) is a real success. And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go make myself a second cup of coffee and keep enjoying the quiet. 3pm and the noise it heralds isn’t all that far away.

Two girls walking at camp
Heading straight towards “Fun!!”

Local peeps! Summer is far from over and Camp Galileo still has some openings! Your child too could be learning science while doing art and having a blast! Catch a glimpse of the fun being had on the Camp Galileo Facebook Page.

Please note: I am being compensated for this post and the two I’ve written previously on this topic by the delightful people at Camp Galileo in the form of a week of camp for both of my children. Not only are they receiving my words, but also my eternal gratitude for this teensy break in the middle of summer.

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