The magic of sisters – Disney “Little Character” contest

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Thank you to Disney Baby for sponsoring this little trip down tender magical memory lane 

She was infatuated with the baby long before the baby came out. She came with me to a few prenatal appointments and listened with captivated attention to the sounds amplified by the Doppler the doctor held against my distended abdomen.

Thumpa-thumpa. That’s what C called Little L while she was still in my belly. We had asked her what she wanted us to call her little sister, and, little pragmatist that she is, she insisted on calling her by the sounds she heard during all the doctor’s visits.

Thumpa-thumpa. The sound of a healthy beating heart.

The moment Little L was born, there was no doubt in C’s mind. This was her baby. A fact that she shared with every living soul who came within a 5 foot radius of the stroller. Many strangers around town, at the grocery store, at preschool, were invited to witness this miracle that was her baby.

Love and pride shone from her face and her eyes and never has there been a more attentive and kind big sister. If Little L cried for any reason at all, C would rush to her rescue, assuring the world that she “had it,” before starting to sing an enthused rendition of ‘Twinkle twinkle little star.’ The best part was that it never failed to work. Little L’s cries would die on her lips as she gazed at her big sister with rapt attention and an equally adoring gaze.

Having a first baby was an unbelievable, life changing event. Having a second was even more momentous if that’s even possible. Gifting my first born with a sister was pure magic. Magic that continues to shine 5 years later… even though Twinkle Twinkle no longer has quite the same impact it had back then.

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  • So sweet. I love watching the love between siblings. It’s one the most adorable things there is.

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