In honor of my hero, the father of my children

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Yesterday, as I relaxed on the couch, a bird flew right into the house through the open door and got stranded in the kitchen.

I…. do not like birds. Let me rephrase that. I am terrified of birds.

I can do anything, deal with any disaster, power through the toughest situations, but birds I can’t do.

So I did the only thing I could. I pulled the blanket over my head and howled for M to come to my rescue.

He laughed and then sent me outside so he could handle the situation. I only returned to my couch once he had verified that the little winged monster was long gone.

This morning, while showering, I managed to dislocate my rib. It’s something that happens to me every so often. It’s painful, but after a while the rib pops back into place and I get on with my day. This morning the pain was ten times worse than it had ever been and the rib was stubbornly refusing to slide back into place leaving me stranded in the shower, conditioner dripping into my eyes, arm unable to come up high enough to do that thing you have to do to rinse your hair.

M arrived in the bathroom, alerted I’m sure by my moaning and groaning, and stood there, completely at a loss as to how to help me. He watched as I pushed through the pain, rinsed off and stumbled out of the shower. Then he watched as I struggled into a shirt. That’s when he took charge, bundled me back into bed, and went down to deal with the kids.

I don’t often find myself incapacitated. I’m not often unable to master a challenging situation. But when I am M always has my back.

To you rescuing me from an errant bird or forcing me back into bed might not seem heroic, to me it means the world. It means that I don’t have to always be superwoman. It means that I don’t always have to be strong and capable. It’s proof that I found the perfect partner to have my back forever.

The past few years have thrown more than our fair share of challenges our way. This is the summer we’re reclaiming our lives. We’re doing things we haven’t been able to do in years. Hiking. Kayaking. Traveling. I’m loving it, but even more, I’m loving seeing M love it.

I’ve been wanting to make Father’s Day extra special as a way to celebrate both my love for M and this momentous summer of ours, but we got each other a joint Mother’s Day/Father’s Day present (a grill!) so I felt a bit trapped. eBay came to my rescue by sending me $200 to treat M. (Yay eBay!)

Now $200 can go a looooooong way on eBay. M had better prepare to be wowed! (And if he wants to be surprised on Father’s Day he should probably stop reading just about now! Stop reading M!)

First I’m going to start with this killer set of BBQ tools to complement that joint gift of ours.

Who knew you even needed 18 different BBQ tools?

Then, even though I could spend the rest of the money buying up half of eBay with things like this kayak skirt that would make M’s entry into the rather chilly Pacific Ocean is a tad more comfortable…

Not much to look at, but neither are his legs after spending an hour in freezing cold water!

… instead I’m going to use the rest of the gift card to treat M to a sweet ride.

It’s not a Ferrari or the Tesla he dreams of, but, after five years of not being able to ride a bicycle, I can’t wait to see M untie the bow on this one, strap on his helmet, and bike away. Giving my hero his freedom is going to be the sweetest thing on earth.

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