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On Thursday morning I flew to the other side of the country to hang out with my friends at Disney World. One of the speakers at the conference entreated up to spend more time “capturing the moments.” I took his message to heart and for once my camera spent a little time out of my purse. Apparently, however, I was so dazzled by the whole event that apparently I was unable to take more than a handful of clear photos and most of those were of food.

This one? Is my favorite. Yes, even though it’s fuzzy.

Grace Duffy and Kelly Whalen. Last lunch at the Brown Derby!

OK, to be fair I’m partial to this one too. (See how nice and clear that Mikey hat is? That’s talent my friends. Raw photography talent.)

Julie Meyers Pron and Grace Duffy. Heading to dinner and a night of magical fun!

Clearly I need to give up on taking pictures of people. But castles? In the dark? During fireworks? Those photos I rock! (Oh just go with it already.)


The park was magical. Spending two days with my friends was pure awesome. But the real magic took place after I got home and it neither required pixie dust or ears, just some sand, sun, and friends.

Look at that! Summer snuck up on us!

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  • Brilliant Mickey Hat!

    Disney is honestly too magical to really even capture in photos. As gross as that sounded.

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