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standard May 29, 2012 1 response

Every Saturday at noon you can find us in the kitchen blending the ingredients for M’s favorite meal: crepes. Once the blender has stopped whirring he pulls out the grater from the cabinet and the cheese from the fridge.

We could use pre-shredded cheese, but that wouldn’t be right. Nope, crepes are such a simple food that you just can’t skimp on the ingredients. We only use Tillamook in ours and we shred it ourselves. And yes, if we’re out, someone runs to the store. We can’t not have crepes!

Our Tillamook love affair has been long standing and was only enhanced when we got to go visit the factory a few years back. There’s nothing like watching your cheese being made to make you a lifelong loyal customer!

Knowing that Tillamook is more than just good cheese just makes the whole endeavor taste better somehow. I love backing companies who really love and believe in what they do. I love feeding my family something that tastes great and is made by such a great company.

Please note, I’m being compensated by Tillamook to share this video with you, but my obsession with Tillamook is all mine! And yes, you too can have some Saturday crepes. Just be here by 12:15 because they go fast! 

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1 response

  • Tillamook is my favorite cheese and we are crazy cheezers at our house too. I’ve never thought about putting cheese on crepes though, thats interesting. I never buy the pre-shredded stuff, I always think it tastes better and fresher when you shred it yourself.

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