Bike Love (Sponsored Video)

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This Spring has been momentous in so many ways, but the most notable is the fact that both girls, within the span of just a few weeks, learned to ride their bikes without training wheels. Now walks to the park are actually rides to the park and we’ve opened up ourselves to a whole new potential family activity.

Only one problem. Neither M nor I have bikes.

Before we had kids we had bikes, but they were cheap and broke. Then M got injured and we got busy with having babies so we never replaced them. Today we can replace them.

Having family bike rides will be awesome, but I’m not just excited about that. I love that the kids have discovered the rush of pushing off on one pedal and feeling the wind in their hair. Plus, a piece of me can’t wait for them to ride with their friends.

Seriously, watch this video and tell me you can wait for your kids to have moments like these? Though I can wait for them to fall in love!

(Please note: I am being compensated to share this video with you, but I wouldn’t have shared it if I didn’t think it was adorable!)

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