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A Memorable Mother’s Day (With a giveaway!)

standard April 26, 2012 112 responses

Every year the Mother’s Day questions loom. What do I want? What should we do?

It used to be so easy. Mother’s Day used to be dictated by the larger family’s schedule – brunch at “the Club” followed by an afternoon of hanging out at the pool. But last year, and now this year, the extended family has scattered to the four corners of the country over Mother’s Day weekend and we four are left to our own resources.

It’s ideal really. There’s nothing I want more than to just be with the little girls who made me a mom and the man who shares the road with me on this day that’s all about celebrating motherhood. It couldn’t be more fitting. And ideally, all I want is to hang out and just be with these three people.

Of course, two little girls and one husband can only take so much “being” before they get antsy and want to start “doing.” Inevitably we go our and do something, have some fun.

But I have a secret to spill.

You see, last year, my first Mother’s Day without any extended family, I don’t remember the details.

I mean, I remember sleeping in (bliss), I remember being greeted with glee, I remember the presents, I remember the overwhelming love and outpouring of gratitude, but I have no clue what we actually did that day.

I know! I’m such a bad mom.

Truth be told, I could probably glance through this blog’s archives and figure out what the day consisted of, but where’s the fun in that? I have a hunch that in the end, the magic of Mother’s Day isn’t in the details, it’s in the everything else. That love that I felt all day? That gratitude that shone through? That’s all I really need to remember and hold on to.

Last year M bought me the most coveted of all Mother’s Day gifts – my iPad (which I cherish every day.) This year I asked for something radically different. I want him to plant me an avocado tree in the backyard. More than being able to gorge on avocados year ’round, what I really want is to be able to look outside every morning and have a visual reminder of their love and appreciation for me. It’ll be like Mother’s Day every day of the year.

ebay and I want to make this Mother’s Day memorable for you too! We have an insane number of ways for you to win amazing prizes. Well, ok, maybe not insane, but it’s still awesome!

eBay for Mother's Day
1) Giveaway – $100!
First of all, right here on this little blog, I’m giving away a $100 eBay gift card to one lucky winner. That’s a whole hundred for you to spend on yourself. How fun is that? 
To enter:
  • Simply leave me a comment below letting me know what eBay treat you would buy yourself with that $100 gift certificate. Check out all of their awesome Mother’s Day present ideas!
  • For extra entries please tweet out the link to this giveaway, be sure to come back and let me know you tweeted! 

Winner will be picked by random drawing at 10pm PST on May 1st and announced on May 2nd.

2) eBay Pinterest Sweepstakes
You know how you go on Pinterest and you pin all the things you’d love to one day own? Well, eBay is making those dreams come true this year. Enter their Pin it for a chance to Win it contest and you might win the item you pin! The question is… will you be pinning that MacBook Air or that stand mixer?

3) eBay Facebook Sweeps
Need another way to get an awesome Mother’s Day treat? Every day until Mother’s Day, eBay is giving away an amazing prize to someone who has entered the eBay’s Memorable Moments Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

4) Twitter Party Fun!
And if that still isn’t enough, well, you’re in luck. On May 1st the Splash Creative Media crew is teaming up with the eBay crew for a fun filled two hour Twitter party. We’ll be giving away no fewer than 8 $25 eBay gift cards and having a grand ol’ time. For critical party details (where to go, what to wear…) and to RSVP head over to the Splash Creative Media blog.

5) Video fun.
I know, I’m sorry, I haven’t quite given you enough here… So here’s one last treat. Remember the delightful “Mom Jeans” family from past eBay commercials? Well, they’re back, and this episode is… well, I’ll let you see for yourself!

Ok now, don’t get too distracted! Let’s not forget to enter the giveaway! 

We have a winner!! #42 (As per Random.org) Kathy (aka @mkjmc) who says she’ll be putting the $100 towards a Kindle Fire! WHOOT!

Thank you to everyone who entered! Don’t forget, you can still win awesome prizes on the eBay social media feeds!
You know the deal. This post is part of a Splash Creative Media campaign sponsored by eBay but the stories and thoughts are all mine.

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