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The day I fell into a box

standard March 13, 2012 4 responses

It was a box. A silly box. One of the many still littered around our brand new home. This was one of the plastic bin kind that come 5 to a pack at Costco. The day before it had been filled with socks needing to be matched. (Lots of socks.)

So it was an empty box, discarded in the dining room.

I don’t know how I didn’t see it when I entered the room yesterday. I don’t know how my leg bumped up against it. And I really don’t know how I lost my balance so disastrously.

I went down hard, butt first, arm set to catch my fall. But the box, yes, that little innocuous box, caught my arm instead.  It took every last ab muscle I have to not crash down onto the arm that was now trapped between my plummeting body and the damn box.

I didn’t break my arm, but I’m not quite ready to laugh about how I ended up trapped in the box, feet and arms flailing, like a turtle turned onto its back. I had to be pried out of the thing. 

I’m sore today. My arm hurts and I have a blossoming bruise all down my thigh. Worse, I feel shaken, like a homeowner feels shaken after a break-in.

I am tough. Through everything we’ve been through I’ve had my strength to rely on. It’s been the one constant. No matter what happened, I knew I could power through it.

Today I just feel weak and fragile.

It’s silly, I know. I fell and got banged up. Big whoop, happens to everyone at some point or another. In a day I might have a bruise or two, but I won’t be sore any more. I wonder though, how long it will take for me to stop being wary, to start moving with my usual confidence again.

It’s not a bad thing to be reminded, once in a while, that we’re not as invincible as we’d like to believe. It would be nice however, if it didn’t come with bruises, sore muscles, and a good dose of ridicule.

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4 responses

  • Anonymous

    I fell down my own steps about two years ago. Slipped on a step, down on my bottom I went, hard, as you describe. I saw stars. Scraped my elbow against the wall. Sadly, I swear, I broke my butt. What do they do for a broken butt? Like a broken big toe. But it still bothers me to this day when I sit for long periods.

    I’m not laughing. Sorry!

  • I just commented about falling down my steps. Didn’t mean to be anonymous 🙂

  • Sorry that you’re feeling flustered and hurting. Glad you got up and are ready to face the world again.

  • I hate that you;re feeling fragile as a result, but I understand. And it gives good perspective to think why you feel that way. Im glad you decided to write about this, even though you took the risk of making yourself look silly. It was brave 🙂

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