Almost Time for Camp – A Look at Camp Galileo

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For the longest time I was a spoiled working mom. My childcare situation was the same school year in and school year out. Daycare for all with the exact same schedule as any other time of the year.

Then, last year, C outgrew daycare. It’s more than fine for a day here or a day there, when she goes back and plays with the babies, or hangs with the older kids, but for an entire summer, I wanted something that would entertain her a bit more.

I found a camp that seemed ideal in every way and off she went, every day, for the entire summer. Now, the camp was fine. She had activity options and food at will. She had decent counselors and kids to play with. But really, in hindsight, the camp wasn’t perfect. C didn’t take advantage of all the activity options; she did pottery every single day. She didn’t exactly take advantage of the all organic hot meals provided either; she had a mini hotdog every day of the summer.

By the end of August, C had dropped a pant size and our house was overrun with crumbling clay “art” pieces. Oh, and she had lice.

Fine. I can’t blame them for the lice. Whatever.

In any case, this year, since I’m not working out of the home and have a tad bit more flexibility, I’m thinking my camp options through more carefully than just looking at hours and availability. Lucky for me, the camp that I’ve heard praised in every corner of the local mommyhood, Camp Galileo, reached out to me to see if I’d come check them out.

So I checked them out. And I loved what I saw.

We needed a camp that offered art, C’s passion. Check. They have that. But yay, it’s art smart, not like last year. Each week is built around a theme and the art is incorporated into that theme at an age appropriate level for the campers.

We also wanted a camp that might stave off a bit of the summer “slump.” OK, fine, I’m a mean mom, I want my kids to learn something. Shoot me. Camp Galileo seems to really get that moms want their kids to learn and that kids don’t want to feel like they’re learning. Science, like art, is woven into the weekly curriculum, through fun, hands on, activities that my friend’s kids are still raving about almost 6 months after the fact.

Boys at Camp Galileo
Hands on science fun.

 C and Little L will both be trying out Camp Galileo this summer and thanks to the new lunch program run through ChoiceLunch, I’m pretty sure neither of them will waste away from tiny hotdogs.

You tell me, is this a place your kid would thrive this summer? If so, it’s not too late to sign up, there are still available spots in all of their 30 San Francisco Bay Area campuses. Stay up to date with what’s available and what’s happening by liking the Camp Galileo Facebook page.

Please note, in exchange for this Camp Galileo review and a few more posts between now and this summer, Camp Galileo will be hosting my darling daughters at camp for a week. My opinions about camps, activities, and everything else here are all mine.

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