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Lights out is around 7:30pm. I’m pretty strict about it. Even with such an early bedtime both girls struggle with waking up at 7am, and C has trouble making it through a full school day without needing to rest at school.

Recently though I found myself confounded. Instead of being their usual well rested selves, the girls were waking up more tired than ever.

I actually went so far as to call the pediatrician.

Little L? That I could understand. She’s still up a couple times a night. But C? There was no good reason behind the bone tired exhaustion she was claiming.

Scary, scary words were flung around, so before I subjected C to a battery of tests, I decided to have a little chat with her first.

In all innocence she revealed that…

she reads under her covers until she’s “sleepy.”

Mystery solved.

In fact, mystery solved for both of them. This under the covers reading is something they’ve both been doing.

A few weeks ago, in an effort to give them both a little more night-time security I purchased some press-on LED lights for their beds. With the push of a button C can climb down from the top bunk without falling. With the push of a button Little L can locate the lovey that’s fallen on the floor.

I thought $8 would buy me a little more shut-eye. Instead it bought my kids the ability to adopt one of my own childhood habits. 

I remember the thrill of pulling the covers over my head, of turning on the flashlight, and of opening a book. I was (and still am) a voracious reader. I read late into many, many nights. Somehow books are better when read in a dimly lit little blanket cave.

I’ve had to put the kibosh on C and Little L’s late night reading. I did it somewhat half-heartedly. The reader and writer in me is doing jumping jacks about their budding love of reading. I would love nothing more than to have given birth to a couple of bookworms. But the mom in me is winning out. These girls need to sleep at night.

They’ll just have to do their reading during the day… until they’re grown-ups and can get away with reading until all hours of the night like their mama.

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