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standard December 12, 2011 2 responses

When I was a kid in elementary school I was a “Super” Speller. That’s right, not just super, but “Super,” as though no one in the school would notice the quotes and the capitalization and not instantly know that it was a euphemistic name.

Right now? Totally had to use spell check to spell euphemistic.

To put it simply, I’m a terrible speller. Terrible. I rely heavily on spell check and on that neat little function in Firefox that underlines misspelled words.

I’m not telling you this to give you something new tease me about next time we meet, but rather to put what I’m about to tell you next into context.

Somehow I’ve fallen into a warped reality where I am in fact the family’s de-facto Super Speller. (Note the absence of quotation marks.) 17 million times a day I find myself answering the question “Mommy, how do you spell..?”


Anything and everything. First it was just C, but now Little L has gotten in on the game. Only to them it’s not a game. It’s a super serious thing where they just have to know, right then and there, how things are spelled.

So, the “Super” Speller, over-user of spell check, has been caught in the never ending spelling bee from hell. And yes, they stump me sometimes and I have to mumble the second half of a word. But most often I’m able to spell the words they need.

I grumble and groan internally, but when it leads to things like this, I forgive them for putting me on the spot endlessly.

Little L’s very first note ever.

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2 responses

  • I can relate! My oldest is in Kindergarten and is learning how to spell small simple words. All day I hear… “B B B Bike… Bike starts with B mom. How do you spell Bike?” He does this with practically everything he lays eyes on!

  • While spelling has never been my issue I fear the day my children ask me math questions. That’s why calculators were invented isn’t it?

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