Ode to Breakfast

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Many years ago, the day after I had met M and we had already spent a considerable amount of time together, he stopped mid-sentence and turned to me with a dead serious look on his face.

Here it comes, I thought, he’s going to ask me something crucial. Couldn’t be about religion, we’d covered that the evening before. Couldn’t be about… Really, I had no clue. All I knew is that it was clearly something monumental for him.

I held my breath.

“Do you…” He started and hesitated, looking me deep in the eye. I squirmed. “Do you like breakfast?” He finished in a rush.

I burst into laughter. Ridiculously relieved that this was the question and, more importantly, that I knew the answer and was pretty sure that it was the right one.

“Of course I like breakfast. What’s not to like?”

Moments later we were headed towards M’s favorite breakfast place, a hole-in-the-wall joint I’d come to love too (and would once stand in line at for an hour in the middle of a Boston snow storm just for one of their very much in demand tables).

From that day on breakfast has played a central role in our lives. We know where to find the best french toast, have perfected breakfast for dinner, and make sure that we always stock the staples for a great start to the day.

Of course, since that day, our routine has changed a lot. No longer will we stand for an hour in the cold just for the promise of warm pancakes and fresh orange juice. Now breakfast is a family affair, kids, daddy, mommy, juice, cereal, yogurt, and the morning paper.

We don’t talk a whole lot, at least the grown-ups don’t, but we start the day all together, enjoying a routine that started the moment C was born and grew to include Little L when she made her way onto the scene.

Moments after breakfast we split up and go our ways. M heads off to work. C and Little L retire to the living room to watch a PBS show. And I bustle around getting everyone’s things together. But that brief interlude (On average 17 minutes for each family according to Kellogg’s.) at the kitchen table, as predictable as M’s eternal love for breakfast, grounds me and gives me the energy I need to get through the day.

All survey statistics come from the Kellogg’s Breakfast in America Survey by The NPD Group (December 29, 2010 – January 24, 2011).

Please note, my love for breakfast is all mine (and M’s) but I was compensated by Kellogg’s and The Motherhood to share it with you.

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