Twinkle in my eye

standard November 14, 2011 1 response

Little L is 4. Very, very 4. Which is to say that she has a hard time conceiving of a world in which she doesn’t exist. This leads to some interesting questions at times such as:

 “Mommy, where was I when you were a little girl?”

For the first time ever my standard “in my heart” answer just didn’t cut it. Neither did, “waiting in Heaven to be born” or “honey, you just didn’t exist yet.”

She dug in her heels and asked again.

“But where was I?”

So, I gave one of those flippant mommy-hasn’t-had-her-coffee-and-isn’t-thinking-things-through-well-yet answer.

“Oh, baby, you were just a twinkle in my eye.”

Safe enough you might think, right?

Yeah, well, two seconds later the girls were busy staring into each other’s eyes, counting the twinkles.

“You’re going to have four babies! I can see them!” C squealed to Little L, and from that moment on the myth was born.

Part of me loves this game. It’s so sweet and innocent. But part of me wonders if she’ll grow up with this hard and fast belief that she’s meant to have four kids, which might in turn lead to some eventual disappointment. Though, it’s possible, of course, that I’m a tad sensitive and overreacting in light of my own missing baby issues these days.

Who can tell?

Photo respectfully borrowed from Lisa Leonard.

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1 response

  • That’s a great answer! My daughter constantly says: “Where was I,” whenever we talk about old memories. Thanks for helping me solve this one!

    ~Becca Bernstein

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