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First there was preschool. Then there was preschool again. And when we figured that out we had to start thinking about Kindergarten.

And even then it wasn’t over.

Because the school we found, that we adore, is 40 minutes away from our house.

On most days the commute is fine, long, but fine. Round trip, home, to school, to daycare, and back takes an hour and a half, but we deal. On other days, the commute is painful.

On days like the one last week, when I get called at 5pm because C has just fallen off the monkey bars, the 40 minute drive feels downright absurd. (For the record, I did the drive in 30 minutes. Don’t tell.)

C was fine in the end, but the issue brought the distance issue into debate again.

Little L is supposed to start school with her sister in the fall meaning, that, if we stay in the house we currently own, M will live 45 minutes away from work, the girls will live 40 minutes away from school, and I’ll be bouncing around working from home and from whatever coffee shop I end up in that day. I hate being that far from them all day, but at the same time, I hate being in coffee shops for hours on end.

The ideal situation would involve moving closer to both work and school, but the areas further north are exponentially more expensive than the place we currently live. We’d be able to afford either a house up there or the school… but not both.

C is in a school founded on the Education for Life principles. Their goal is to teach the kids everything they need to know academically while also teaching them how to be self reliant and how to interact well with others.

When C and Little L are grown I won’t care in the least how many AP classes they’ve taken, what classes they’ve aced. I will however want them to be self confident girls who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and follow their dreams.

I worry that if we send them to schools that place more importance on test scores than on emotional growth, that they’ll grow into girls who feel pressure to conform.

I worry that if we stay put and send them to the school we love that we’ll go nuts with all the driving we have to do.

Like every time we’ve had to face the school issue I wish I had a magic wand I could wave to make a perfect solution appear.

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1 response

  • We are going through the same exact issue right now. Just got a spot in a school 2 minutes away from us, but with a different philosophy and curriculum. We will probably make the move because the logistics is getting too complicated, but I am heart broken for the kids. Tough choices.
    Good luck finding the right balance. I am sure your girls will be fine. They have great parents, and at the end, this makes the biggest difference.

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