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I’m grateful for… my husband

standard November 25, 2011 1 response

In the summer of ’99, days after my 23rd birthday I met a guy at a party. He was supposed to be my rebound one-night-stand. My way of bouncing back after two long term relationships with two very different and yet equally-wrong-for-me guys.

This guy was sweet. He had huge blue eyes and a gentle smile. And as we danced together that night I felt so at home in his arms that I thought I might be crazy.

Twelve years later I still feel at home in those arms, but it doesn’t feel so crazy any more.

It was one of those random events, two people who weren’t really supposed to be in the same spot met and by miracle were each at a place in their lives where they both were open to what was there.

I’m grateful each and every day that I let myself stay open to what we stumbled on. I’m grateful each and every day that he felt the same way.

On that day I met a man who would come to love me for exactly who I am.

A man who lets me be myself.

A man who has my back at all times, who believes in me wholeheartedly, and who wants me to succeed in all my harebrained schemes.

We are such different people who come from such different backgrounds. I come from a family of extroverts, he comes from a family of introverts. He grew up Jewish, I grew up essentially without religion. I grew up in France, he grew up in California.

I’m a loudmouthed, boisterous reader and writer, he’s a quiet, thoughtful, quirky musician.

Logic states that, on that warm Bostonian night, he should have taken one look at me and glossed right over me to any of the other girls hanging out at that party. Instead, he did a double-take, stopped walking, and came to chat with me.

I’ll never stop being grateful for that.

That’s it, the fifth and last post in my Week of Thanksgiving hosted by LilKidThings. I know a week usually has 7 days, but I’m taking the weekend off from the Internet to enjoy all these things I’m so grateful for. If you need more gratitude and warm fuzzies click the image below to see what everyone else is grateful for!


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1 response

  • This post, I love. And the funny thing is, I could sense you were this kind of a person from our initial conversation when we met.

    When so many treat marriage as disposable, it’s a wonderful thing to see a woman who esteems her man :). You go, girl!


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