I’m grateful for… laughter

standard November 22, 2011 4 responses

This year I’ve laughed…

through tears.
through kisses.
through sadness.
through solemn moments.

at doctor’s appointments.
at the ER.
at the hospital.
at school.
at Starbucks.

in Zumba class.
in the car.
in bed.
in the kitchen.
in the kids’ room.

I’m the family clown. I can see a reason for humor in pretty much any situation. I know when to deliver the perfect one-liner to lighten up a grim situation. I’m not just doing it for the kicks. I’m not doing it just for the attention. I do it because when I hear laughter, I know that all hope isn’t lost.

As long as we’re still laughing, we can get through anything.

I’m grateful for the laughter.

It’s day 2 in the Week of Thanksgiving. Pop back tomorrow to see what else I’m thankful for during this rather challenging year. Click the image below to see posts by other bloggers and to join in on the wave of gratitude.


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