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Crossroads are funny places

standard November 3, 2011 2 responses

Have you ever found yourself standing at a crossroad? Virtual or real, it’s all the same really.

You’re there and there are options. And you can really go in any direction, because, what’s to stop you?

Do you take the path expected of you? Dictated by life, circumstance, societal expectations?

Do you take the path that calls to your heart? Dictated by childhood dreams and hopes?

How about the path that calls to your head? The rational path. The one that makes sense financially, feasibly, logically? The one that works for your whole family even if it denies the path your heart would take?

It’s paralyzing, the crossroad. While you’re standing there it’s so tempting to turn around and just go back the way you came, down the known road, back to where you understand what’s expected of you and what you need to do to meet those expectations. That known road calls to you like a cozy comforter waiting to wrap you up in certainty and soothe you with familiarity.

At the same time, it’s also exciting that crossroad. Adventure awaits after that first step. Adventure fraught with surprises and challenges, sure, but who doesn’t crave some adventure in their lives, even at cost? Isn’t that why we read, to live adventure and uncertainty vicariously? When you stand at the crossroads yourself there’s no need for vicarious living any more. Experiences can come first hand.

The problem with all of the road options that face us at the crossroads is that each comes with a toll.

What will you have to give up when you head in one direction? Which dreams will suffer or be need tossed all together?

Sadly the roads can’t all be taken at once. Choices have to be made.

So how do you choose which dreams to forfeit so that new futures can be forged? How do you let go of resentment when you feel pushed down one road and dreams are being forfeited for you? Does putting your whole heart into the path you chose help release that resentment? Does letting go of childhood expectations help?

Crossroads are funny, paralyzing places. They’re terrifying to stand in, and even scarier to leave.

Have thoughts about Crossroads of your own? Hop on over. That’s the Kick in the Blog topic of the week.

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2 responses

  • Paul K.

    Funny things those crossroads. To me it all comes down to balance. I’m inclined to seek out the path that provides the best balance of work, life, family, self, and emotional satisfaction. It’s possible that embarking down a path may not initially provide that balance. But if I can see the potential for that overall balance not too far down the road, then for me, that’s where I’m headed. Good luck on your journey.

  • This is one very good topic to consider. I hadn’t really thought about the turn in my life as a crossroad, but with what you’ve presented here as a definition, my crossroad certainly was a drastic change in my life that determined the course of the rest of my life. Thank you for another thought provoking blogging suggestion. I’d like to blog about my experience, but I need to give it some thought first.

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