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Wrapping it up with a hit and a miss

standard September 16, 2011 Leave a response

Back-to-school season is notoriously insane and overwhelming, but I really thought I had it all together.

School supplies were ordered in time for the start of the year. I had a fridge full of good lunch-packing materials. The girls were starting to go back to bed nice and early.

And to make sure that the first day started nice and smoothly I emailed the teacher last Tuesday night to warn her that C would be coming in on crutches when school opened on Thursday.

She wrote back, mid-day Wednesday, just as I was taking Little L into school for her first day of school.

“Thank you for letting me know about C, but, uh… school started today. It would be nice if you could bring C, even if just for a couple of hours.”


My brain froze. My palms sprung leaks. I looked at Little L, timidly making her way around her new classroom. I had planned to stay with her for the first day, to sit by her as she learned the new routine. But now I had C sitting at daycare, missing her first day of First Grade.

Oh the choices parents have to make…

I spent an hour with Little L and then I ducked out. I ran to daycare, grabbed C, threw her in the car — crutches and all — and hightailed it to her school where I was able to drop her off for the last hour of class.

I spent the day berating myself for being the worst, most neglectful mom in town, and then I lightened up.

She missed a morning of classroom settling in and in doing so, we skipped the night-before-school-starts bout of anxiety. The next morning, she had her first “real” first day and she crutched her way into class with a huge smile on her face. I worried that, little miss perfection that she is, she’d be mad at me for goofing up, but, much to my relief, really she was fine with the way things worked out.

I’m thinking this incident might set the tone for the year. I’m going to relax my standards and try to go with the flow. She’s going to have to forgive me my parenting foibles. Together we’re just going to do our best to get through it all with some smiles and some giggles.

This week the routine is in place and last week’s snafu is the stuff of hilarity inducing legend. I’m ready to turn the page on the back-to-school chapter. Fittingly, yesterday marked the end of the month-long Fill the Backpack campaign.

We’ve navigated an interesting month with amazing sponsors and friends. We’ve raised awareness and cash for an incredible cause. And we’re going to make a handful of contest entrants really, really happy.

Thank you to the sponsors who traveled this road with us, it’s been a lot of fun!

 And thank you to everyone who participated in the Twitter party and the contest! The winner will be announced in this post this weekend.

And so the Splash Creative Media Fill the Backpack campaign comes to a close. We”ll be back in a few months with more fun and learning!

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