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Just Not Ready To Be Dry

standard September 12, 2011 1 response

When I started this series of posts on bedwetting two months ago, I thought for sure that by the time it ended we’d have kissed our last GoodNites® goodbye and have moved on to a lifetime of dry nights.

I had faith that Little L would have mastered her bladder and her nights.
Instead it’s been just another lesson in the fact that we as parents don’t control quite as much as we think we do.
Our longest stretch of dry nights happened while we were in Chicago a few weeks ago. We made it six whole nights without a drop.
Since then? There hasn’t been a single dry night.
When I asked Little L this morning why she was wetting all her GoodNites® now, she quietly replied that it was because she “couldn’t think about it” while she was sleeping.
Wise words if I’ve ever heard of them.
In Chicago the kids were going to be later and waking up earlier. With shorter nights there was less time for peeing. Now that we’re home, we’re back to 12 hour nights, which are great for growth and mommy’s sanity, but not so great for bed wetting.
I’d try waking her up in the middle of the night to make her pee, but it’s taken us four years to get her to sleep through the night and I’m really not willing to open that can of worms again. She’s a creature of habit, if I get her used to waking up at midnight to pee, she’ll always be waking up and peeing at midnight. I’d rather just wait out her bladder maturity and let her sleep easy.
Two months ago I was convinced that with the right incentives, Little L could overcome her own nighttime incontinence. (Chocolate bribes are what got her sleeping through the night! Don’t knock it.) She was dry during the day and could demonstrate good bladder control all day long. It seemed to me that she was just being willful about the night stuff.
Now I know better.
Little L is one of the 6 million 4+ year-old kids in the US who aren’t physically mature enough to be dry at night. It’s who she is. It’s not a personality flaw. It’s not an attitude that needs adjusting. It’s who she is physically. Blond, blue-eyed, with a slightly immature bladder.
I hugged her after we talked this morning and told her it was no big deal. When her body is good and ready her GoodNites® will be dry. In the meantime we just won’t worry about it any more. 
This post is the last of a series of posts sponsored and inspired by GoodNites®. I hope you’ve learned as much as me about getting through the ups and downs of parenting preschoolers and nighttime accidents. For more help please check out the NiteLite™ Panel, hosted by GoodNites®, where professionals share invaluable information about bedwetting.

I am a GoodNites® Blogger Ambassador and I am being compensated for this series of posts, but, as always, the stories, thoughts, and opinions featured in these posts are mine and mine alone.

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1 response

  • My oldest took almost a year to be potty trained at night. She had no problems really in the day, but night was a problem. I wanted her potty trained before her sister was born. Her sister was born in January, and we deemed her officially night-time potty trained on Christmas day – almost a full year! Her incentive towards the end was that she would get a cake to celebrate if she made it 7 days without a wet pullup overnight. It happened on Christmas morning 🙂 But…she’s 10 now, and she still gets up at least once a night to go to the bathroom. She really had to learn how to wake up and go and still can’t make it through the night.

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