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Last night M and I dragged the kids to our school’s first parent meeting of the year. While we sat in our daughter’s adorable little classroom surrounded by bright wall decorations, children’s art, books, and everything else a classroom should have, our kids played outside with the other school kids, supervised by paid staff.

Oh. And the kids got snacks.

Granted, it’s a private school. But still, in this area, this is the norm.

Kids have books, staff, resources. They have sturdy and safe buildings. They have teachers who spot and recognize issues and know how to help parents get help.

These kids don’t drop out. They finish school and go on to live their dreams. 

And on the flip side of the coin, I have friends whose kids sit in classrooms hosted in prefabs because the school has no money to build real buildings. I have friends whose kids have to eat lunch or breakfast at school. Not because they don’t have food at home, but because so many of their classmates don’t and the school has found that making at least one school meal mandatory is the only way to get the kids to focus.

30 kids to a class.

Not enough books.

Not enough to eat.

Not enough resources for children with special needs.

Schools that don’t know what to do with the resources they have.

So many rampant issues in our schools.

So many kids who drop out because the things necessary to keep them in school and on track just aren’t available. 

The public school situation in America makes my blood boil and my heart ache. I WANT to reach in and fix it all. Our kids deserve to be educated in a way that makes them want to learn, makes them see how amazing acquiring knowledge can be.

But I’m one person. One already overwhelmed person.

Community In Schools is an organization working to right the wrongs and help the kids. They’re the proverbial village working to build a community of support for children by embedding needed resources inside their school.

They’re giving us the push and the tools we need so we can all start helping too.

How can you help?

Donate – Your dollars can help keep kids in schools and on track. It doesn’t take much to make a difference.

Volunteer – There are countless ways you can volunteer and help a child. Even if you can only help one child. To that child, that will mean the world.

Advocate – You have a voice and an opinion. Raise it. Speak up. Share information. The kids need us. They need you.

Communities in Schools is Fill the Backpack’s not for profit benefactor. We’re donating 10% of our net profits from our Back-to-school campaign to the organization. We’re been so proud to share information about this fabulous outreach. To learn more about the organization and what aspects of their work has the Splash Creative Media bloggers all fired up, check out everyone’s blog this week.

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