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I’ve mentioned it before, fashion and I are not friends. I’ve always wanted to be cute and classy, but when I walk into a store I’m like a deer in headlights and I never know what to get.

If you look in my closet you will find 15 variations of the same outfit. If it worked once in one color, no reason it can’t work again!

Knowing this and knowing that I had to shine at my speaking session at BlogHer, I put myself into the trusty hands of the Moms Fashion File team. If anyone could help me, it was definitely going to be them.

And help me they did.

First of all, they set my mind at ease about my own sense of style. Part of the magical transformation involved two full outfits generously donated by Ann Taylor LOFT. One of the skirts picked out for me by Nicole was the skirt I had just bought the week before and was actually wearing when I walked in to be made over. Score one for me!

Jessica Before

Then they showed me what was wrong with my style…. Uh… that would be the rest.

OK, I jest. All it seems I’m actually missing is the accessories. Cute jackets, fun necklaces, bracelets, belts, nice purse… the works! Allison from Petit Elefant coached me on putting it all together! Score a million for MFF!

Jessica After

Oh, right, you noticed that there’s more to it than just the clothes and accessories?

I begged the stylists from Detour Salon (there thanks to Plum District) to come home with me so they could make me look fabulous every day, but they said they couldn’t move to Nor Cal. I would have begged Tia Dantzler to also come home with me so she could do my make-up all the time, but I could get over the fact that she’s done Barak Obama’s make-up twice to get the words out. Instead I just tried to take mental notes about what she was doing and preened when she said that I had a “good eyeshadow base.” (Whatever that means…) I also drank in all her Johnson’s Baby make-up tips.

When I left, a mere two hours after arriving in the Moms Fashion File Secret Style Suite, I felt like a more confident version of myself. Having a ton of people stop me in the hall to gush about how great I looked didn’t hurt either. (Rumor has it that people were saying I looked like Jackie O. Greatest compliment ever!)

As the day went on though, I found that I was missing who I really was – the curly haired, slightly less put together version of the polished result of 2 hours of styling. Some friends whispered to me that they liked my usual look better too. (One person posted to her FB wall that she’d met three Jessica Rosenbergs at BlogHer. I had to break it to her that she met me three times… oy.)

The hair has come down, the nail polish is long gone, but I’m taking from the whole experience two simple facts. I’m not as style-less as I thought I was. And it doesn’t take a whole lot to take my usual look to the next level.

Mornings now involve a tiny bit more attention to my accessories. I change up my jewelry and pick my shoes more carefully. And when I leave the house I feel a bit more confident.

Because clearly I needed help with that.

Strutting the catwalk.

Thank you to Moms Fashion File for allowing me to partake in such an amazing event. Thank you to the fashion partners – Namaste Handbags, Scotch Naturals, LOFT, Kiyonna, Dr. Scholl’s Shoes, BALI intimates, Lands End, Payless Shoes, Stella Dot and the Sponsors: Plum District, Ciao Bella Gelato, Johnson’s, Stokke, Trop 50, Windows Phone – for making it possible! I’m loving all the gifts I took home and I’m using them all with pride!

All photos by Bella Diva Photo. For more from the event click here.

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