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Back-to-School Jitters: A Fill the Backpack ’11 post

standard August 30, 2011 Leave a response

C goes to a school that has 60 students.

60 kids from pre-K to 8th grade.

Yes. That’s it. It’s a small school.

You’d think with those numbers, and knowing that she’s been there a year, already knows her teacher well, knows the school very well, and already knows 99% of her incoming classmates, that her first day next week would pose no anxiety at all.

But she’s my C. My anxious C, so of course she’s not so sure about the whole thing at all.

We’ve had to discuss the boy who wasn’t so nice last year. We talked about how kids often mature over the summer. We remembered that at the end of the year they were pretty much friends.

We’ve had to discuss how having actual desks isn’t really all that different from having tables.

We’ve had to chat about how it’ll be different now that the Kindergarten teacher has left the school, but how it’ll be a lot the same thanks to the other teachers.

We’ve even had to think about what people mean when they say that “1st grade is so much harder than Kindergarten.”

And then this morning she told me what was really bothering her.

After a summer packed with family time – long weekends, trips, lazy weekend mornings – next week we go back to our routine. And last year that routine was grueling.

We ended the year on a really low note. Hospital visits, sick daddy, much stress on everyone’s shoulders. The summer hasn’t been all roses and kittens, but at least we got to spend a lot of quality time together.

What C doesn’t know is that I changed my work schedule on purpose so that she wouldn’t be in after care until 6 every day any more. It won’t be an every day thing, but I’m really hopping that I can pick her up at 3 at least twice a week. I think it’ll make a world of difference to all of us.

If anything it’ll give us time for a few more Family Love Dinners. And who couldn’t use a little more love in their days?

Welcome to Fill the Backpack ’11, a Splash Creative Media campaign co-hosted by 8 amazing bloggers. For a month we’re going to be talking about all things back-to-school related. (Well, the other 7 started last week. I’m a slacker.) If you missed it, check out the giveaway of the year – $750 worth of awesome back-to-school goodies to make your year sweeter.

Want to check out other Fill the Backpack posts? Visit the Splash Creative Media bloggers. They’ll be thrilled to have you!

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