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Almost Dry at Night

standard August 29, 2011 Leave a response
Last week I packed up the girls, our bathing suits, and a couple pairs of shorts for each of us and we headed across the country to spend the week with my sister in Chicago. Next to the shorts, t-shirts and other warm weather things in their suitcase, I tucked seven GoodNites®, one for each night we’d be there.
“If you wake up dry every morning we’re in Chicago, when we come home, we can give all the diapers that are still at home to a baby who needs them.”
Little L nodded emphatically, her determination written all over her face.
I wasn’t surprised. Three weeks ago Little L finally started showing some interest in trying to be dry at night. In the morning she wakes up and checks her own diaper. Her glee when it’s dry brings a smile to my face. The thought of finally being diaper free keeps it there.
Her first night in Chicago she woke up dry. It was her third day in a row.
“Only four more nights mommy!” She crowed, reminding me that even before our trip I’d been telling her that she just had to be dry seven nights for me to allow her to give up her diapers. Clearly she was determined to make that happen while we were at her cousins’ house.
Then it was five nights. Six… and then… on the seventh… she woke up wet. Really, really wet.
Ditto on the eighth.
I played it off as no big deal, because really it isn’t one. She’ll be dry at night when she’s good and ready. Bedwetting will soon be a thing of the past for us.
She played it off as no big deal, but I could tell she was upset. She had tried so hard to reach this goal. She’d been so proud every morning, counting off the nights for me. I pulled her into bed with me and cuddled her tight.
We talked for a moment about the day we were going to have and then I asked her quietly if she was upset. She simply nodded.
“You know I love you no matter what, right? You’ll get this. It’s going to be ok. Your body just isn’t quite ready just yet. It needs to get a bit bigger and a bit better at keeping the pipi inside, that’s all. We can try again tonight.”
She nodded again, then shrugged, burden lifted. Another minute of snuggling and she was struggling to get down, anxious to start her day.
She was dry again last night and I’m hopeful she’ll be dry again tomorrow, but I’m not deluding myself. It’s a process. For some it’s a short one, for others it takes longer. As long as she knows I’m never going to be mad about how long it takes I’ll be happy with how it goes.
This post is part of a series of posts sponsored and inspired by GoodNites®. Stay tuned as we share stories about bedwetting and discuss great products and tips to get you through the ups and downs of parenting preschoolers and nighttime accidents. In the meantime, check out the NiteLite™ Panel, hosted by GoodNites®, where professionals share more information about bedwetting.

I am a GoodNites® Blogger Ambassador and I am being compensated for this series of posts, but, as always, the stories, thoughts, and opinions featured in these posts are mine and mine alone.

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