Still wetting the bed? Your kid isn’t alone.

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When I was a kid, one of my favorite cousins always refused to sleep over at my house. When I was at her place she never let me sleep in her room. I was little and never thought much of it until one night when, woken up by some middle of the night commotion, I stepped out into the hall and witnessed my aunt coming out of my cousin’s room, arms laden with wet sheets. 
She shooed me back to my bed, but not before I had connected the shameful dots. 
My cousin, my seven-year-old cousin, still wet the bed.
Back then I was mortified; today I know better.
Bedwetting is not a willful thing. It can be caused by a large range of issues, but most often, it’s a simple body maturity issue. Sometimes the bladder doesn’t mature as fast as the rest of the body. Couple that with the deep sleep of innocent children and you get some unfortunate incidents.
According to the National Kidney Foundation, bedwetting affects approximately six million children age 4+ in the United States alone . The condition is more common in boys than in girls and tends to occur more frequently in first-born children than in younger siblings.
So, as I sit here and wonder if I remembered to put a diaper on Little L when I tucked her in, and I wonder further about how much longer that’s going to be an issue, I remind myself that she’s not even four yet. She could well be bedwetting for years to come. Lucky for her people are much better informed today than when my cousin was little. At least I am.
If you’re interested in learning more about the causes of bedwetting and how it affects children and their families, I highly recommend the new site. It’s a treasure trove of information on the subject.
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  • Thank you for this! My first born son is one of those kids. Have been worrying.

  • Anonymous

    From what I have heard/understand, you can’t really “train” a kid for night-time pottying. I mean kids can be trained to learn to use the potty during the day, but the nighttime thing has to just happen. And this was my experience. I never really made it an issue, and it did just happen. My almost six-year-old niece still wets the bed even during occasional naps that she takes, but she never has accidents while awake. I think physiologically, it’s just a different thing….

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