Getting Through the Toddler Years – A huge ($250!) GoodNites Giveaway

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There are countless lists of things you need when you’re gearing up to survive your child’s infancy. Whole books have been devoted to this topic, and should you need a little extra help, there are also entire websites just waiting to help you figure out what you’ll need and why for every second of your baby’s first months.

By the time your kidlet figures out how to pull up and cruise his way around the furniture the people in charge of creating these lists most likely figure that you have a pretty solid handle on what your child likes or that you now have a solid network of friends who can help clue you in.

Of course, it never hurts to get a little extra help or a few more recommendations.

For instance, I was thrilled when a friend told me that I could just roll up a towel and slide it under the edge of the sheets to keep my preschooler from rolling out of her new big-girl bed instead of spending a ton of money on a bed rail. The roll makes her feel snug and safe while allowing her to slip out of bed to use the potty when she remembers she needs to go.

I was equally delighted to hear a mom friend talk about a genius little alarm clock that changes color when it’s time to get up. Since we set it up we no longer have to be serenaded with “Is it time to get up yet?” screams from 6am on.

The other GoodNites bloggers and I put our brains together and came up with a brilliant list of items that can make these potty training and betwetting years a little easier on hardworking parents. Even better, we’re all giving away a full set of these items to one lucky winner on each of our blogs.

No. Really.

So, check out this insane list of goodies and see below the one small thing you have to do to be entered to win!

GoodNites® Product Vouchers – So you can experience dry nights
A Skip Hop ZooPack BackPack – Who doesn’t need an adorable backpack?
A Foogo Drinking Cup – Heathly and always handy! 
Bob Book – For a little pre-bed reading!
Toothbrush and Hand Washing Timer – Can’t go to bed without clean hands and clean teeth!
Night Time Chore Cards – A smooth bedtime routine is key to getting a great night’s sleep.
KC Wipes – No need to explain this essential mom tool!
Bubbles – After a great night there’s plenty of energy for a lot of fun!
Crayons, Stickers – and a lot of creativity!
Movie Passes – For that first movie experience!
$100 Gift Card (AMEX) – To reward mom and dad for all their hard work!


To enter please leave a comment below sharing your favorite bedtime ritual.

Extra entries:
– Tweet this giveaway using the #GoodNites hashtag (one per day- Leave a comment with the hyperlink to each giveaway.)
RSVP for the GoodNites® Twitter party. (See below for details)

Giveway will run from Wednesday, July 27th to Wednesday, August 3rd. Winner will be announced on Thursday, August 4th
Giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who entered!
The winner is… Jaime McHugh, #112! Congratulations!

This post is part of a series of posts sponsored and inspired by GoodNites®. Stay tuned as I introduce you to great products and tips to get you through the ups and downs of nighttime accidents. In the meantime, check out the NiteLite™ Panel, hosted  by GoodNites®, where professionals share more information about bedwetting.

I am a GoodNites® Blogger Ambassador and I am being compensated for this series of posts, but, as always, the stories, thoughts, and opinions featured in these posts are mine and mine alone.

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