9 Great Reasons to Jump On the Pinterest Bandwagon

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You might have heard about Pinterest, a hot new social media service started by – who else – some Bay Area guys. It’s like Stumble and flickr had a baby and the baby was way better than the sum of its parents. Oh, and it’s going to be your biggest addiction since Twitter and Facebook combined. I kid you not.

You might be thinking “who needs another social media addiction?”

Other than the obvious answer, (Uh, who doesn’t?) here are 9 great reasons to click over and see for yourself.

1)  You love mouthwatering photos of foods you’ll never really attempt to cook, but like to think that in another life you might have. You know. If you had more time or got off the computer some days.

2) You need great photos and quotes to inspire you to work off the virtual calories you inhaled with #1.

3) You lap up photos of adorable crafts you’ll never do with your kids.

4) You enjoy torturing yourself with endless party ideas that you’ll entertain while pretending that you next party will not involve an open bag of chips, store bought cupcakes, and juice boxes.

5) You have a secret fetish you never give in to… except in images. (Shoes anyone?)

6) You can’t get enough of pictures of all the places you want to see around the world, but worry that you’ll never visit other than virtually from your couch.

7)  You love to drool over awe-inspiring images of homes and home decor that you might one day aspire to… you know… if you can ever get control of the mess in your home.

8) You love to drool over awe-inspiring organization solutions that might make you one day arrive at #7 if you could ever get off your couch and put them into effect.

9) You want to see countless photos of puppies, kittens, babies, llamas, sea otters, and a million other adorable things. (aka, welcome distraction from ever considering putting anything from #1,2, 3, 4, 6, 7, or 8 into effect.)

Come on, you know you want to Pin this…

Join us. You won’t regret it. (Leave a comment if you want an invitation!)

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