3 Tips For Looking Fabulous in Photos

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At EVO’11 I had the good fortune to attend a photo session taught by the awesome Me Ra Koh*,  during which she was kind enough to share with us something she had presented in a photo tips segment for the Nate Berkus Show: The Secret to Looking Great in Photos.

No, it did not involve losing 15lbs and getting better make-up. It’s just three, super simple tips, that we can all easily put to work.

That’s it. Really. Three super easy tips that I guarantee will change your life and will stop you from cringing when you see the words “So&So tagged you in a photo!” pop up in your email inbox. Trust me. If it can work for me, it can work for you.

Tip 1: Turn your body at an angle and lean into the camera

Remember when you were at school and the photographer kept making you face the camera and smile?

Yeah. Don’t do that any more.

We all share the same fear of the camera, so when someone points a lens in our direction, we tend to square our shoulders and lean back. If you’re me, you also do some funky thing with your chin. (Don’t ask.) Even the skinniest supermodel looks boxy when photographed head on. So, take a page from their book, and turn yourself at a slight angle to trick the camera into showing you at your slimmest.

And then, when you have the angle down, slightly lean towards the photographer.

Feel silly? Let me demonstrate why this works.

Stand in front of a mirror and lean slightly back.
What do you see? A double chin, right?

Now, instead, try leaning into your reflection.
What do you see this time? Instant smoothing out of your neck and facial lines.

So, angle yourself towards the camera, drop your shoulders, and lean into the camera, putting your weight slightly on your front foot.

Instant transformation.

Tip 2: Scootch forward in your seat

If you’re sitting when the camera comes at you, scootch forward until you’re perched on the edge of your seat.

The reasoning behind this is simple. If you sit back, or lean back against the backrest, perspective dictates that your thighs will look disproportionately big compared to the rest of you. And I don’t know about you, but my thighs need no help looking any bigger!

So, scootch forward, angle yourself slightly, and lean into the photographer!

Tip 3: Refuse to let anyone shoot you from below

Unless the photographer is kneeling to snap a shot of your cute shoes, don’t ever let anyone snap you from below. Seriously, can you say triple chin?

See for yourself, get down on your knees and look up at people.
What do you see? Rolls, chins, and all those other things you want to camera to ignore, not enhance.

So, instead, invite the photographer to stand on a chair and shoot down. Then… you guessed it… lean into the photo!

Three little tips that will change the way you feel about your BlogHer photos and all other photos you’re ever in! You’re welcome.

*Yes, I have a hero worship crush thing going. What can I say, she’s worth it!

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