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Use Your Voice

standard June 28, 2011 9 responses

When you open your mouth to speak, what voice comes out?

Your “Mommy” voice?

Your “honey come here now” voice?

The voice that society or someone else has told you is the voice you should be using?

You have a voice. It’s there for the using. Are you letting it speak?

The people I most admire are the people who only ever use their own voice. It takes guts to use your own words and share your own ideas. You have to believe in yourself and not care what others will think or expect.

Not the easiest thing to do, but quite the most powerful if you can hack it. The world could use some more original thoughts.

If you opened your mouth and let your true voice sing out, what would it say?

Why don’t you let it?

This post was heavily inspired by Patti Digh‘s keynote speech at Type A Parent Conference this year. She rocked our socks and gave me a ton of food for thought. I’ve been silencing my voice for a while now, giving way to the other voices I thought were more important. It’s time to let me shine through again.

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9 responses

  • Powerful post! I look forward to reading anything else you are inspired by from her speech.

    If I spoke with my true voice, it would say “LOVE” with all my heart

  • This post makes me swoon. YES! YES! Such a simple thing to use our own voice. In fact, you would think it would be hard NOT to use your own voice. But I think we grow and get scared and get bogged down and our voice gets smothered. Time to let it breathe!

  • I strive to always use my voice on my blog and feel pretty confident that I do. I like when I meet people in real life who read my blog and say that I’m just like the person on my blog. I enjoy your voice and it’s been great getting to know you through your blog. Blog on!!

  • I love you. Big puffy hearts and starts and scribbles of “BFF” all over you. LOVE THIS!

  • Great post. And I also loved Patti. She really gave me some food for thought. Funny, though, that she made me think about using my voice less, or at least in a different way. Sometimes my voice is not nice, and I want to have a little Patti sitting on my shoulder saying “You don’t always have to be right!”

    But I do think I need to be more honest in my writing. I can’t wait to read her book on creativity.

  • Thanks for this, Jessica.

    I’m discovering that those subjects that I wanted to stay neutral on my blog are exactly the subjects that I should be making a stand on. I gotta be brave.

    Just one of the good things I took away from Patti.

  • So true!! I see the fear of using ones voices start with young kids sometimes, letting themselves get lost in the voices of others. And then by the time you get to be our age, it is so hard to get it back. Definitely time to reclaim our voices for many of us!

  • Love this! Makes me think I should be listening to myself when I constantly say to my son “Use your words, I want to hear your voice”. This posts makes me hear those words in a different way.

  • I LOVE this, her speech rocked and hit me for sure! I Love this write up. It is PERFECT!

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