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standard June 2, 2011 4 responses

Anyone who sees me on a daily basis will tell you that my personal sense of style is… jeans, a nice(ish) t-shirt, and some sort of drapey sweater.

The sweaters are the latest addition, made possible by my Eddie Bauer obsession. The jeans + t-shirt look dates back to college. I was never a girl who dressed carefully, paying close attention to fashion, style, or even what other people around me were wearing. Even before kids I chose comfort over style.


Shoes. Shirts. Party outfits.

Whatever it is, no matter how cute it makes me look, if it’s not comfortable I won’t wear it. I’ll buy it, but it’ll sit in my closet, always ignored in favor of something more comfortable.

This summer, I’m attending three blog conferences, speaking at two. It’s a month out from the first and I’m starting to realize that my usual go-to outfit might just not cut it. Not if I’m going to be standing in front of a crowd.

And yet, the mere thought of going shopping makes me want to curl up on my couch in my sweats.

I’m a hopeless cause. In stores I always gravitate to the same exact things – clothes that will be comfortable while hiding the parts of my physique I’d rather not draw attention to.

I’m in dire need of a style make-over.

I won’t look hideous if I don’t get some help. I just know that it wouldn’t take much to help me both look better and feel more self confident. I fully believe I can find a functional, comfortable style that fits my 30-something, mom of two girls, who still is somewhat cute persona. I just need some style tips from the right person. (With a little luck the awesome people behind Mom’s Fashion File and their agents can help me at BlogHer!)

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4 responses

  • nordstrom at valley fair will do free sessions with a personal stylist (they obviously get the commission from anything you buy) but i’ve used them a couple times now and they’re awesome.

    you just email and tell them what you’re looking for and then you arrive at an appointment time and they have everything ready in a dressing room for you to try stuff on and pick what you like 🙂

  • Ugh I’m exactly the same. And was hoping to go to Blogher ’11 this summer. But seeing as how #4 is due Aug 1st, that aint gonna happen. So basically I am NOT the advisor you are looking for!;)

  • there just isn’t any pleasure in shopping anymore. I spent 2 hours in old navy yesterday and came home with nothing for me. the kids are decked out by mama is plain, comfy and sometimes frumpy

  • Thanks so much for your entry. I think this is a rut all moms can find themselves in. We’ll be picking our winners soon. Until then, think style!

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