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I discovered Little L’s first tooth in a rather unfortunate event that involved a very sensitive part of my anatomy. She found my reaction hilarious and after that repeated her new trick at every feeding.

Go figure, I was in no hurry to run to get my camera to capture the sharp little thing on film.

It’s possible that I also wasn’t exactly motivated because I remembered from my time with the first kid just how hard it is to actually get a picture of that first tooth. Maybe I thought it would be easier to let her gnaw on me and then get a plaster cast of the dents…

When C’s first tooth had broken through I tried endlessly to get a photo of the little incisor. I tried to make her laugh, to make her open wide. I tried to sneak the camera near her mouth. I even tried to get her to lie upside down on the living room ottoman. But that tooth, the one she was so happy to show anyone who asked, was never in sight of my camera’s view finder.

I’ve always thought that I’d failed at getting that precious shot, then, tonight while looking through some old pictures on my computer, I found this:

If you blow up the picture and squint a little you can barely see it there, nestled in the middle of her lower gum, my first baby’s first tooth… the one that, 6 years later, is so wiggly and about to fall out.

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Please note: This post is a sponsored post in conjunction with the BabyCenter Blog Network. The photos and thoughts contained here are all mine.

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