Making Healthy Choices

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Until our world imploded a month ago I was doing really well with my eating. I had stopped eating candy like it was one of the recommended food groups, had really gotten into the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables, and I’d even managed to lose almost ten pounds.

Then I fell off the healthy eating bandwagon hard. One hospital cafeteria meal here, one vending machine snack there, and suddenly I was back to the candy popping, veggie ignoring habits I’d worked so hard to shake.

And the scale was none too pleased with me either.

This past week, after scarfing down a donut, I realized that while I was turning to food as a comfort mechanism it wasn’t really comforting me. Well, at least not beyond two or three delectable seconds.

Actually, watching the scale creep up again was depressing me even more. And to make matters worse, my atrocious diet was written all over my face in nasty little pimples women my age should never get.

“But I’m miserable. I should get to eat whatever I want,” my mind (or maybe Egmos) argued, and for weeks I listened.  

I think I’m done.

This morning I ordered my regular coffee and resisted the urge to get a treat to go with it. Instead I ate a banana. For lunch, I skipped the food truck and microwaved a Healthy Choice Steamer. And this afternoon, I steered clear of the free vending machines at work and snacked on carrots and snap peas.

I’m not going to lie to you, my lunch didn’t quite have the same punch as my favorite take out Thai, but the Sweet Sesame Chicken was actually quite tasty and was cheaper than my usual meal. Plus, it was surprisingly filling!

I’m not quite ready to jump back fully on the Weight Watcher bandwagon, but I’m hoping that with a few tweaks here and there I can reverse the trend once again. Between conference season starting in a month for me, and bathing suit season starting long before even then, there’s no shortage of motivation. Plus, Little L keeps patting my belly and wistfully sighing “baaaabeeee.” Not quite ideal and even quite motivating.

Healthy choices here I come. You with me?

This post was sponsored by Healthy Choice, whose meals, with their nearly 70 varieties for fewer than 400 calories, are definitely going to play a huge part on my journey to healthier eating. A study they just conducted shows that incorporating a ready-to-eat, pre-portioned healthy option, such as Healthy Choice, is a simple way to be more health conscious, lose weight and improve quality of life. It’s definitely a better choice than heading to the drive-thru or the food truck! Aside from those last facts, pulled from a study conducted by Healthy Choice and ConAgra Foods, the thoughts and stories contained in this post are mine and mine alone. Except for that bit about the baby in the belly. That’s all Little L’s wishful thinking.

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