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Lawn Dreams

standard May 27, 2011 2 responses

Three years ago when the garden was just finished the grass was lush, green, and a joy to play on. It was like a thick outdoor carpet just begging to be touched, preferably with a back.

That lasted about a month.

Our pathetic excuse for a watering system was no match for the hot California Spring sun and long before school was fully out for the summer the back yard was once again a wasteland of patchy green grass surrounded by brown stretches of burnt grass and weeds.

We’re not even going to discuss the front yard beyond mentioning the fact that mowed weeds look realistically like a mowed lawn… until you set foot on them and feel the prickles.

The past two weeks I’ve been standing in the middle of my pathetic excuse for a lawn, hose in hand, aiming water at the brown patches and sad looking edges. It feels fruitless. I know the yard needs more water, but realistically I also know it needs other things. Like fertilizer. And grass seed. And… stuff.

Of course, I don’t have the faintest idea where to start.

I have visions of Home Depot carts loaded with Scott’s Turf Builder and other products. I have visions of kneeling on the grass to plant pretty flowers. But I need a little nudge to make reality connect with my visions.

Like always, I’m going to turn to the computer for help. I’m starting by signing up for some Scotts tips and lawn care reminders.

Then I’m going to actually make that trip to Home Depot to arm myself with a couple tools like the Turf Builder and the grass seed. I want to be able to snap pictures of my kids rolling around on the grass again. It’s a little embarrassing that they were babies in the last ones we snapped. I’d show you what the lawn looks like now… but they don’t want to set foot on it.

The lovely people from One2One Network and Scotts are sending me some Turf Builder to try to make my lawn dreams come true. Stay tuned. With luck in a few weeks you’ll be seeing some more updated back yard action shots!

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2 responses

  • This is great Jessica! We had a beautiful lawn in Utah and now that we are in Texas, it is dirt, weeks and patches of grass. It breaks my heart and I miss letting my kids roll around on the lawn too.
    I hope yours comes back to life!!!

  • Our San Diego lawn was so beautiful last summer when we moved in (the previous owners had recently laid down new sod). Our girls enjoyed it for perhaps three days before raccoons started coming at night. It was a mom and her five babies who rolled back the sod and ate the grubs underneath. Sadly the grass died and what I’ve gotten to grow back in its place is pretty pathetic. I long for that lush green cool grass for my girls to play in. Here’s hoping the CA sun goes a bit easy on our lawns this summer!

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