Too Many Good Ideas

standard April 25, 2011 2 responses

On any given day I can come up with two or more great business ideas. My brain is constantly on overdrive. How can I fix this? How could I make that better? Even great ideas that slap me upside the head out of the blue.

I have a list of blogs I want to start. Another list of great books I want to write. And yet another list of companies that I’d love to throw all my energy behind.

That’s not even counting the thirteen careers I’d like to take on some day.

Of course, between being a mom, wife, writer, freelancer, marketer, student, and head of a local mom’s club, I never have time to do anything more than hash out these ideas with my husband.

Some ideas he dismisses out of hand or tears down with one simple well placed argument.

Other ideas light a spark in his eye.

We banter the pros and cons around. Discuss feasibility, need, and even profitability. For a while my head spins with the “what ifs” and the “I coulds…” Sometimes I’ll even go so far as to research web domain names or present the ideas to friends.

Then, all too often, I look at everything I’d have to give up or set aside to bring this new project to fruition, and I retire the plan before even letting it draw a first breath.

I never forget the good ideas though. They taunt me at odd times. 

What I need is a way to give up on sleep forever or maybe a place to sell all my ideas. But figuring out how to make either of those two things happen sounds like yet another project and I can already hear M formulating his objections.

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2 responses

  • I’m with you on this! I write all my ideas down in a journal. I know if it’s an idea worth pursuing when it keeps me up at night. I keep thinking and thinking about it!

    Maybe we’re just both wannabe serial entrepreneurs

  • You must be my twin. I have SO many ideas but never enough time in the day. I’m definitely a thinker and I’ve gotta really concentrate to “do.” I just write them down when I can so hopefully I’ll get to them… eventually!

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