Milestone Photos: First Birthdays

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In a mere four weeks C will be turning 6. We have big plans for a low key, semi-sleepover party complete with painted nails, popcorn, pizza, and movie watching.

It’s going to be a blast and yet, I’m nostalgic for that first birthday party. The one in the park, with the wind so strong that we couldn’t keep the balloons from flying away.

I planned that party for months. Every little detail was perfect – invitations, cake, even the snacks. I had visions of the perfect party – one that C would enjoy and relive forever through pictures.

She cried. Most of the time.

She was overwhelmed by the people and the bustle. As for the cake I lovingly baked, she wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, it made her cry all over again.

I treasure those photos for a whole other reason than I expected I would. Instead of capturing the perfect moment, they remind me that as a parent we can hope and wish for the outcome we want the most, but in the end, nothing ever turns out quite how we planned.

When I’m tempted to forget about letting go, I remember that sweet little face, twisted in anguish over the commotion and hateful cake, and I remember that as a parent, I can always guide my kids in the right direction, but they are not me, and I have to respect and remember who they truly are.

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