Even Dinosaurs Poop

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We have a  rotation of favorite shows that we watch in the morning while I brush the girls’ hair. Sometimes we watch Curious George, but most often we alternate between Word World and Dinosaur Train.

The cat and I prefer Word World (I think he’s trying to learn to read so he can take over the running of the house, or at the very least the cat food purchasing.) the girls are very partial to Dinosaur Train.

Especially one episode.

This past week we have watched that one same episode every single morning. It’s not impossible we did the same last week too.

The topic of that one episode?

Could have been something intellectual, like how dinosaurs evolved into birds, or the life and times of therapods.

But noooooooo, that would be too easy.

The episode we keep watching over and over and over again?

It’s the one about how all dinosaurs poop.

Yes. Poop. All sorts of poop. All dinosaurs eat so all dinosaurs poop. Some even do the potty dance.

Little L is mesmerized.

She’s been potty trained for a few months now, but something about the way the mommy dinosaur (Mrs Pteranodon if you must know.) tells her daughter to listen to her body has really struck a chord.

Last week Little L had a smattering of potty accidents. Once she was too busy playing to go pee, the next day she was just too caught up watching a TV show.

And then we saw the magic episode for the first time.

Since that day there have been no accidents and I haven’t had to beg her to go pee.

So, to recap, everybody eats and everybody poops, it’s important to listen to your body, and PBS rocks my world. The end.

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