What a weekend

standard March 28, 2011 3 responses

I’m sitting here on my couch, feet up on the table, TV blathering on the side… and I’m just blanking on words.

I had the most amazing, transformative weekend and I’m just too tired to even try to articulate it.

Just… wow.

Imagine 28 complete and utter strangers coming together, in one room, for three days. At first glance we had nothing in common except for a circumstantial interest in Life Coaching.

Then after three intense days learning the fundamentals of this coaching program – partnering up for coaching exercises, listening to each other share, open up, and dig deep to share our innermost hopes and fears – it was like a room full of best friends.

We left tonight and parted ways in the parking lot, then we drove away amidst much waving, honking, and other last minute attempts to keep the connections going a tiny bit longer.

The drive home was surreal.

When I arrived at the coaching center on Friday afternoon all I knew was that thought I could maybe see if coaching was a good fit for me.

When I left this evening I was convinced that it was so.

I’m good at this. Even better, it feels easy, natural. Like I’m finally slipping into the perfect skin.

There is so much more to share – like the massive tire blow-out on Saturday morning (no relation to the coaching training and no one got hurt!) – but I need to let it all just soak in tonight. Just bask in the moment.

That’s it. I’m going to go bask. In my bed. With my eyes closed. And if light snoring ensues… well so be it. I’ll be basking in my dreams of my future. Or something like that.

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