Things I’ve said in the car… many times

standard March 30, 2011 7 responses

I’ve mentioned before how much time I spend in the car with the kids. Between the hour in the morning and the hour in the evening, you’d think that my kids would by now know what I can and can’t do while driving the car. After all, we’ve been doing this for over 5 years now.

And yet, here is a sampling of the things I still have to repeat each and every day.

  • No, I can’t reach that, my arm isn’t long enough.
  • No, I cannot read that book, I’m driving the car. 
  • No, I cannot look at your funny face, I’m driving the car. 
  • No, we cannot listen to “I’m a Little Teapot for the 16millionth time. 
  • No, I cannot read that book, I’m driving the car.
  • I’m sure your picture is beautiful, but I can’t look now, I’m driving the car. 
  • Please stop fighting over that baby doll.
  • If you don’t stop fighting over that baby doll I’m going to get mad.
  • Seriously, that baby doll is about to fly out the window. 
  • No, I cannot read that book, I’m driving the car.
  • No, I can’t reach your book, my arm isn’t long enough. 
  • Yes, I see where your doll fell, but again, my arm just doesn’t reach that far. 
  • I’m happy to read you that book when we get home, but right now I’m driving the car. See? My hands are on the wheel and the trees are flying by.
  • You cannot have noodles for dinner if you had noodles for lunch. Did you have noodles for lunch?
  • No, I cannot read that book, I’m driving the car.

One day C will be able to read for real. That day will be amazing; I’ll only have to explain the issue with the length of my arm. Trust me, it’ll be a relief. 

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