Milestone Photos: Crawling

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Now that the girls are getting bigger there are fewer milestones to document. Beyond first days of school there’s not much along that vein that grabs my camera’s attention.

Luckily my camera was always at the ready back when there were weekly (if not daily milestones.) Of course, since I wasn’t sleeping much back then, now when I flip back through the photo-folders on my computer it’s like I’m reliving it all over again.

Take, for instance, this photo series depicting C “teaching” Little L to crawl.

One arm in front…
That’s right! Good job!
Where did she go? I don’t know what’s next!
Yeah. That wasn’t right. Now I’m stuck…
Thanks man.
That’s better! Now we’re really moving!
You left me again?!?

Four years later and I’m still cracking up.

Eventually Little L figured out how to move on her own. Probably a mere day or two later and C moved on to teaching her other things. These days she’s coaching her on the monkey bars and when I’m not looking I suspect that she’s teaching her the fine art of burping on command.

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Please note: This post is a sponsored post in conjunction with the BabyCenter Blog Network. The photos and thoughts contained here are all mine.

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