It’s all in the delivery… and the TV

standard March 23, 2011 7 responses

For years I’ve tried to explain to M how women work. We don’t need men to come fix things. We’re smart. We can figure it out for ourselves.

But before the solutions start to pop up, we need to vent. Just vent and be heard.

We want to come home and rant for a while about what happened. We want to analyze, go over the details, and just let it all out. And we want someone to nod, agree, and commiserate.

That’s it.

No, really.

We understand the urge to fix. We feel it too. But first we need to vent.

M says I’ve never explained that to him. It took an episode of Modern Family for him to finally hear it.

I kid you not. We watched the episode together — me cracking up all the way — and at the end he turned to me and said “is that really true?”

Yes. Yes, honey, it’s true, is all I replied. The next day he tried it out for himself.

Angels did not sing… but it sure felt nice to just be heard.

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