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A lesson in maturity

standard March 25, 2011 Leave a response

My 3-year-old is a bundle of needs with some flashes of personality.
My 5-year-old is a bundle of personality with some flashes of needs.

The realization about the radical difference between the two girls came to me yesterday as we were driving home and Little L was freaking out because I told her she couldn’t have noodles for dinner. She screamed about that all the way home and all the way until we handed her her dinner.

I had to send her to her room three times to cool off before she finally consented to eat her meal.

After dinner she threw a tantrum about the shower she needed to take, and once she was clean she threw another about the choice of pajamas she was given.

And when I tried to put her to bed without reading a book… well, all hell broke lose yet again.

She sobbed into my arms after I brushed her teeth and I finally was able to ask her if she’d napped earlier.

She hadn’t. No nap. Which explained her two hour streak of tantrums.

When Little L melts down it’s always because she’s tired or hungry. Her emotions are still very much tied to her physical needs.

C on the other hand was perfectly chipper all evening. Cheerful, amiable, helpful.The antithesis to the child she was last week during her school’s big play performance period. This week she’s hanging out at daycare, playing with the babies, being babied herself.

When C happens to melt down it’s more likely because she’s had a bad day and is feeling sad or hurt.

The difference between the two was glaring today. We assume they’re almost the same child because they look so much alike and play so well together. Their interests are the same, their pastimes perfectly compatible. And usually their needs are incredibly similar.

And then we have days when the differences are glaringly apparent.

At times I wonder if it’s a difference in personalities. Then I remember that Little L is just 3 and a half while C is almost 6.

What I witness boils down to a difference in maturity. Pure and simple.

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