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The wind beneath my wings

standard February 18, 2011 2 responses

This week was just a raw week. One of those when I opened my heart and let people walk right in.

I never do that. I pretend I’m Superwoman, remember? I get through the day. I do my thing, and I make it work. People think I’m strong, that I can take anything.

And really, I like being that person. I like being the one my friends and family turn to. It’s what I do. Being everyone’s rock is what gives me my own strength.

The only downside to being everyone’s guide and cheerleader is that I never let anyone help me. And yes, that does say “let anyone help me.” Because my friends and family offer, they ask, they’re there for me. But I brush off concern, I change conversations, I don’t let myself be vulnerable.

I heard the words they were speaking, but a part of me always wondered if anyone would really be there for me the day I did need to let help in. A part of me, deep inside, wondered if my friends and family could be there for me the way I’m always there for them.

Now I know.

That one blog post on Monday, seriously written in a fit of sleep deprived, Valentine’s Day and Weight Watchers infused grumpiness, threw open those doors and everyone barged right in.

They didn’t stop to ask if I was ok. They didn’t make small talk. They walked right in and started talking. It was like they took that blog post as their invitation. And their love has overwhelmed me.

Today I’m feeling strong and fine, just like my own tough self. My shoulders are squared back and strong, ready to carry anyone who needs it. And it’s not just a little bit due to the people in my life.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, who matters to me, this week picked up the phone, emailed, or just commented to let me know what I mean to them. I heard about how strong I am, how much I inspire people, what kind of impact I have on their lives on a daily basis. People I didn’t yet count among my friends showed me that they cared more than I expected. People I didn’t even know reached through the internet to offer support.

It’s one thing to always be the strong one despite not knowing if others would carry you if you needed it. It’s a whole other thing to be a rock sitting on a bed of love and support.

With you all beneath my wings I can do or be anything, even if all I ever manage to do is just be there for you in return.

I remembered a valuable lesson this week, the one that I touched on in this post inspired by Brené Brown, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging, and love.” The world is truly more beautiful when you let down your guard and let yourself be vulnerable. The friendships are deeper, the love is brighter, and everything is exponentially more worth living. Go on, try it. I dare you.

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2 responses

  • I am sorry that I have been AWOL from the blogosphere and missed your posts this week – I am still adjusting to working full timne and parenting and trying to even come somewhere near the level of competence that you exude every day!

    I have to say, it is actually a relief to hear you express that you aren’t superwoman and to hear from all these other great moms who share their own experiences. I say this because I have considered you superwoman and wondered how you do it and what is wrong with me that I can’t put in near the energy and passion that you have. So yes, I of course still think you are AMAZING and inspiration and aspirational but it is also good to know you are human too! 🙂

    Sending love and regards from Boston…

  • What an amazing opportunity to let others reach out to you. It sounds like it has been an amazing week.

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