Snow in the Bay Area? No way.

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Teeny Tiny Snowman

Last Thursday my morning consisted of frantic hunting for mittens, hats, warm pants, spare socks, and a warm jacket for Little L.

You see, every year her preschool makes snow for the kids. They bring in this massive machine that eats large blocks of ice and spits out snow. Parents gather with shovels and turns one of the playgrounds into a winter wonderland where each class will get 40 minutes to sled, make snow angels, and teensy tiny little snowmen. Then the kids are ushered back into their class to warm up with hot chocolate.

It’s adorable to see everyone in miss-matched, ill-fitting snow gear, but before you get all huffy about the silliness of the expense etc, remember that for many of these kids, it’s their first time seeing snow. This is the only kind of snow day they ever know.

In the end, snow day was canceled and rescheduled because of excessive rain. I, for one, was thrilled that I was not shoveling snow in the rain, even if I was a little annoyed to have turned my car into a winter closet.

Whatever, I figured, at least I’d know where all the stuff was when snow day finally happened.

So imagine my surprise upon opening the newspaper to learn that come Saturday we might have a real snow day. As in, snow from the sky, not snow from the ice eating machine.

Imagine that!

The San Francisco Bay Area hasn’t seen any snow at sea level since 1976. (First person to utter the words “That was 35 years ago!” and “Hey! Isn’t that the year you were born in?” in the same sentence is getting the first snowball. Just FYI.)

But if the front heading our way from Alaska picks up enough water while passing over the ocean, Saturday might see us scrambling for more snow gear and rushing outside to make some snow men and snow angels.

I better put hot cocoa and mini marshmallows on the shopping list.

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